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How to Effectively Sanitize Your Entire Home

Posted on: August 20, 2021

You probably already know this, but germs are everywhere. And because they’re invisible to the naked eye, we tend to take what we assume is “clean” for granted. Your furniture might look “clean”, but always remember that clean does not necessarily mean bacteria-free. Germs, bacteria, and viruses could be everywhere in the house, attaching to household surfaces and food that we consume.

The good news is, they are not unbeatable. To protect ourselves and our loved ones from all the nasty germs and bacteria, keeping the house sanitized and disinfected would be the first line of defense.

Stay with us to find out the most effective ways to keep every part of your abode 99% germ and bacteria-free.

Household hard surfaces

Hard surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, desks, laptops, and TVs are microbes’ favorite places to flourish. These are also the surfaces that we constantly come into contact with and hence, should be cleaned regularly.

For this purpose, try using disinfectant wipes as they can get rid of harmful microbes and viruses simply with one swipe.

While there are alcohol-based and non-alcohol based disinfectant wipes on the market, alcohol-free ones would be better as they work as effectively as alcoholic ones. Wipes that contain alcohol also dries out the skin, so even if you don’t use the wipe on yourself, your fingers and hands may suffer from dry skin after prolonged use.

Regardless of which type you decide to use, always remember to choose disinfectant wipes that are KKM-approved to avoid any mishaps especially if you’re using them on your skin.

Tech devices and small accessories

It is undeniable that tech devices like our phones are among the things that we touch often daily. As we use them, the droplets from our mouth and the germs from our hands will all be transmitted to these surfaces.

Also consider accessories like earphones, watches, eyeglasses, and keys. These are high-risk items that can potentially spread viruses and bacteria.

UV sterilizing boxes would be a good choice for sanitizing these items. They are highly portable and convenient to be used for sanitizing small objects.

Once you turn it on, the objects placed inside will be exposed to UV rays from all angles and be UV-sterilized. In just a few minutes, they will come out clean and microbe-free.

UV sterilization is an effective technique that uses radiation to destroy microbes and viruses. As UV rays are harmful to humans, using them will require a protective shield like a box.

Among UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, UVC is the only ray that is potent enough to do the job. As such, be sure the sterilizer box is labelled with the keyword “UVC”.

Furniture and soft surfaces

To rapidly kill all possible pathogens on the furniture and soft surfaces, we recommend nothing more than a sanitizing spray. It is handy to use and widely available on the market.

A sanitizing spray is essentially omnipotent and can be used on any household item from kitchen cabinets to bathroom sinks, wardrobe, workout gear, and clothes.

When sanitizing toilet bowls, bathtubs, and sinks, opt for sanitizing sprays that contain bleach for stain removal. To sanitize the furniture, workout equipment and even the air, Beliefit’s Oh! So Peachy Sanitizing Spray would do the trick.

Our sanitizing spray is also alcohol-free and can be used on the body without leaving the skin dry.

Furthermore, our Oh! So Peachy Sanitizing Spray can eradicate up to 99.9% of bacteria while keeping clothes, pillows, blankets, curtains, and more smelling fresh and pathogen-free.

Ceiling, wall, and floor

To further make sure that the house is hygienic and comfortable to stay in, the sanitization of ceilings, walls, and floors can’t be ignored. Start with cleaning the ceilings, then the walls, and finally, the floors.

When it comes to cleaning these areas of the house, steam cleaners are a good choice.

Steam cleaners work by heating the water in their tanks to a very high temperature which results in hot jets of steam being released. The hot steam then meets the target surface and breaks up the adhesion of debris, grimes, mites, mold, and bacteria to the surface. As it only requires water, steam cleaning is completely chemical-free.

Steam cleaners can be used on impermeable surfaces like:

  • Wallpapered walls/ceilings
  • Walls/ceilings painted with not water-based paints
  • Sealed tile floors
  • Sealed hardwood floors
  • PVC floors
  • Linoleum floors

Nevertheless, always read the instructions for using the steam cleaner correctly.

Porch area and cars

The outdoors of the house is constantly exposed to the air that is full of dust, debris, and germs. This is where all kinds of pathogens could be present.

To clean the outdoors, hose down the area and sweep away the debris. Use a wet sponge or cloth to wipe away the dust on the outdoor furniture. Wait for the area and furniture to dry then use a disinfectant sprayer to spray the disinfectant solution over the entire place.

A disinfectant sprayer makes sanitizing large areas fairly simple and efficient. It is designed with a switch, a mist adjusting key, and a liquid container. To use it for sanitization, pair it with a disinfectant solution or tablet. The release of the solution in the form of a fine mist ensures uniform disinfection.

With a press of the button, we can sanitize the porch, patio, car, and even the people who visit our place easily in one go.

Today, keeping ourselves, our loved ones and our home clean is more important than ever before. And while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all sanitizing product, our Oh! So Peachy Sanitizing Spray is rather multifunctional.

It is formulated without alcohol and can be used on the skin, clothes, and any surfaces including workout gear. Not just confined to sanitization, it also works well to keep the body feeling fresh and clean after exercising.

Despite being alcohol-free, it is still effective as it contains powerful disinfectants like Benzalkonium Chloride and Didecyidimonium Chloride. In just 15 seconds, our formula can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.

As we embrace the new norm to stay at home and work from home, our house becomes the place we spend the most time at these days. To lower our risk of getting exposed to pathogens and viruses especially COVID-19, cleaning and sanitizing the house more frequently should also be part of the new norm.